September Updates

Forgive me, this will be a long post.

You should now be aware the most of the North East, including Tynedale now has further restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Unfortunately, the rules/guidance are unclear, so I’m not in a position to provide much, if any guidance on the matter.

It does appear that meeting other household groups within your own house or garden is now banned. This seems counter intuitive, as most house/gardens should offer plenty of space for 2 metre social distancing. As yet, I haven’t heard any reports that households are now banned from meeting in public places, where I would have thought social distancing would be more difficult.

I do not support the governments get back to work message, and strongly encourage you to work from home where possible. As much as the economy is important, shopping trips should be kept to larger, less frequent shops to reduce contact with others. Social visits to venues such as pubs should be avoided at busy times.

Additionally, I’ve also seen several poor applications of measures designed to reduce the spread of the virus. Mask/face covering wearing has been poor across all age groups. Face coverings must cover both the mouth and nose to be effective. Do not touch the front of the face coverings whilst wearing it, adjust via coverings straps. Wash your hands immediately after removing the covering.

Face coverings need to securely cover the mouth and nose, and can be anything from a medical style mask, to a home mask. Avoid stretchy materials, as these are less effective. Whatever covering you use, it should be either washable or disposable.

You must use face coverings in shops and other indoor spaces. Additionally, you should also wear face coverings if the full 2 metre distance is difficult to achieve. You must not be within 1 metre of any other person not a member of your own household.

Lastly, the following adjustments are being made to the website:

  • Going forward, for the time being only virtual events will be listed on the Events guide, along with planned events for 2021.
  • The Property section is going offline to allow for updates and additions to be made.