October Updates

Firstly, as application of Covid-19 safe procedures still varies hugely from shop to shop, I would like to re-iterate the previous statement that any business not implementing sufficient measures will be removed from relevant sections of this website. I appreciate there is a cost involved, but everyone needs to contribute to keep the virus under control and keep businesses open.

I will not punish genuine errors, but negligence will result in removal, and re-in-statement is at the sole discretion of me, the editor. So far, I have only had to remove one business (not naming, but is a national retailer), due to poor/no procedures in place. This business has now implemented/re-implemented procedures, and will be re-added in due course.

That aside, the new regulations are not further impacting on this website, beyond previously mentioned sections. A near full service continues for now, but some sections are offline to allow for updates to take place.

That’s all for now, but you can always reach me via email, scott@tynedale.org.uk, should you have any queries.