Word of Caution on Events

Updates to this website have been fewer than I would have liked, and I apolgise if I have not been able to offer a level of service you that you expected.

I have, however, been monitoring existing information, and updating this as regularly as possible. Through this, I have been able to make an observation regarding events, which I feel the need to highlight.

I’ve noticed that some events have changed dates, with little or no advanced warning. In some cases, event listings on websites and Facebook have been updated, without even so much as a post advising of the change.

Therefore, event dates on this website may be inaccurate, as I simply don’t have the time to continually monitor websites and social media listings in the hope of detecting a date change. It is important to check directly with the organisors to confirm that an event is still taking place, before you travel.

Although Covid-19 restrictions are easing, events may still be cancelled or postponed with little advanced notice.