Kerbside Waste Collection

Throughout Tynedale there is a kerbside waste collection facility, for the disposal of some recyclable material and normal household waste.

This uses a two bin system. Confusingly, the green wheelie bin is for general waste, and the grey bin is for recycling.

Items which can be recycled using this system are paper (not-shredded), card, tins/cans, and plastic bottles.

Household Waste Recovery Centres

Within Tynedale, there are two household waste recovery centres, in Hexham and Prudhoe. These recycle most types of non-hazardous waste, including glass, metal, oil, TVs, and electricals.

The table below is under construction, and not yet complete.

Location Materials Collected
Hexham Glass, Textiles, hard plastic.
West Wylam, Prudhoe Glass, oil, metal, electricals, hard plastic, TVs, batteries, paper and card, rubble, general waste.

Other Recycling Facilities

There are also several smaller collections points for glass and textiles. Known facilities are detailed below, but there may be others not listed here.

Town/Village Location Materials Collected
Hexham Wentworth Car Park Clear, Brown, Green Glass, Textiles
Ovingham Ovingham Middle School, NE42 6DE Textiles
Prudhoe Halfway House Pub Car Park Glass bottles and jars, textiles.
Prudhoe Oaklands Car Park, NE42 5DQ Glass bottles and jars, food cartons, paper cups, books, textiles.
Stocksfield Stocksfield Cricket Club Clear, Brown, Green Glass, Textiles
Wylam Village Car Park, NE41 8DZ Glass bottles and jars, books, textiles.