Although a small village, there are things to do in Bywell.

Cycling and Walking

The close proximity to national cycle route 72 means that Bywell makes a perfect base or stop-off point for cyclists, and the nearby quiet roads are also great for walks.

Although there are no formal parking arrangements, on-road parking in possible, particularly near the two churches. Please remember to not park near junctions, and to aid other traffic, please park on the same side of the road as other cars.

Historic Buildings

Unfortunately, most of Bywell’s historic buildings are on private land, although some can be seen from the road through the village.

St Andrews Church is owned by the Churches Conservation Trust, and although not manned, is normally open to the public.

Additionally, small guide tours of Bywell Hall occasionally run, although these are not expected to resume until 2021.

Please observe private land signage, and do NOT trespass under any circumstances.


Several events are run in Bywell, including the high profile Northumberland County Show, which are expected to return in 2021.