× Follow Hands, Face, Space! Reduce transmission of Covid-19 by following hands, face, space.

Hands: Wash hands regularly, and sanitise before entering public buildings. This reduces transmission through contaminated surfaces.

Face: Wear a face covering to reduce the spread from yourself to others. Wash your hands before eating or touching your face.

Space: You must stay 2 metres away from others at all times to reduce the likelihood of airborne transmission.

Reduced service: Some sections may be removed and re-added due to changes in Covid-19 regulation and guidance. This is to ensure that only accurate content is displayed. All About Tynedale apologises for any inconvenience caused.
Part of Hexham Abbey and Market Place illuminated by Christmas lights in January 2019.

Welcome to All About Tynedale, the website that is all about the Tynedale area of Northumberland. Whether a resident or a visitor, you’ll find loads of useful info here, including an events guide, business directory, and town and village guides.

The website is updated at least once a week, meaning that information here will be as up to date as possible.

As with many things, the Covid-19 virus has had its impact. However, most sections of the website have now been re-instated, and a near normal service has resumed. However, I would like to stress that the virus has not gone away, so you must follow all social distancing guidelines.